We provide Sugar Cane, quality ICUMSA - 45, Type of contract: Contract (6/12 month) / SPOT. Payment: SBLC MT760, MT720 DLC DLC and MT700 deal directly with the manufacturer, I'm send SCO (Soft Corporate Offer) on the letter of intent Working conditions: Incoterms 2010/Basis CIF| ASWP Perfomance bond: 2% by Seller (only in Contract, spot dont have PB) Insurance: Cargo Insurance 110% from Lloyd's Register Inspection: Quality, Quantity, Weight, by SGS or Equivalent at Seller's cost at loading port and at Buyer's cost at discharge port Only buyers with ICPO + BCL or RWA, without this we wont send the contract. ICUMSA 45 BRAZIL response Polar at 20ºC: 99.80º Minimum Sulphated ash: 0.04% Max by weight Moisture: 0.04% Max by weight of magnetic particles: mg / kg of 4 Solubility: 100% dry & free flowing grain size: Fine Standard ICUMSA : Color 45 ICUMSA units index (method # 10-1978) Maximum the AS: 1 COLOR PPM: Brilliant White reducing sugar: 0.010% maximum dry weight skype: lucku.

  • sugar icumsa 45
  • Сахар
  • sugar cane