As "YALAZ PAINT", we meet your needs with high quality paints and varnishes we produce. All materials are produced in accordance with British technology and under the control of our company's highly qualified technology experts. Many companies at home and abroad use the ‘’YALAZ BOYA’’ brand. Thanks to its wide variety of high-quality paints and varnishes, it has proven itself to be the best both among ordinary consumers and among large construction companies. There is no doubt about the quality of the products as they are tested in time. ‘’YALAZ Paint Chemical Products Imp. Exp. Industry and Trade Co. Ltd.’’ has been operating in the domestic and international market since 1993. Our official website is www.yalazboya.com.tr. So, you can visit our website and check our profile. You can find more information about our products in our official website or you can request a catalogue. We are manufacturing all kind of paint and varnish groups as a professional in our facility. Add to this, special production is made according to demand. We are ready to provide product samples if needed. From our point of view, we can guarantee high quality, compliance with all accepted standards, shortest delivery times. Depending on the payment terms and delivery volumes, there is a flexible system of discounts with an individual approach to each customer. When establishing long-term partnerships, price review is guaranteed, taking into account the interests of the buyer. www.yalazboya.com.tr

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