Whiskey TM "CALANAIS", 5 years aged


Whiskey TM "CALANAIS". A unique recipe together with an 8-step production technology, primarily affected the softness of the drink and the richness of taste. The aroma turned out to be complex, varied with a long aftertaste. When choosing raw materials and creating blends, our team focused on the taste of consumers. In the process of making the drink, we followed the old traditions. For the production of whiskey TM "CALANAIS" used a special variety of barley. Blended alcohols were kept in barrels of bourbon and fortified wine. The drink turned out amber color of medium intensity. The aroma of whiskey is light, with hints of vanilla, marmalade and oak notes. Modern enterprise that is equipped new innovative equipment. The entire production process is strictly controlled by leading experts. Acquaintance with a unique drink is not only an appeal to its flavors and tastes, but also a significant aesthetic pleasure.

Аперитивы алкогольные
  • whiskey
  • drink
  • alcohol
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