Ventilators of local ventilation type VME axial single-stage with explosion-proof detachable electric motors for ventilation of deadlock mine workings in coal and ore mines, including those dangerous in gas and dust, at air densities up to 1.3 kg / m3, from 268K to 308K, dust content up to 50 mg / m3 and relative humidity up to 95% (at a temperature of 298K). possibility of turning off the fan of the VME when the normal temperature is exceeded; The possibility of using small apertures during ventilation; the design of the fans allows the connection of two fans in series to increase the pressure in the pipeline; On request, the fan can be equipped with a noise silencer; An anti-blasting device that expands the fan's working area and prevents its entry into surging. MANUFACTURING OPTIONS: can be supplied for voltage 380/660 V and 660/1140 V; ventilators VME-12A are made with an angle of installation of the impeller blades of 15, 25 and 35 degrees.

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