VESTRA Consult Company was founded in early 2014. The company aims to help foreign companies in entering the Russian market. VESTRA Consult develops 3 consulting areas: 1. The main part - Brief overview of the market (the focus on the product and customer segment), assessment of market size, share of major competitors. - Study of the competitive environment of the customer - Distribution Systems in Russia - Information on the above in the CIS countries, Europe, USA, China, India 2. The additional part - Consulting of the registration of the joint venture, the production, the opening of a branch (a list of the documents required and what Government agencies involved, as well as who to contact with in the State authorities) - Consulting in terms of building a loyalty program - Consulting in terms of building a distribution, "how to stand up on the shelf" - Consulting of the search for partners / customers - Consulting in terms of pricing (evaluation and market research) 3. Development of the investment "Renewable energy" project At the moment, the company has a portfolio of 10 permanent foreign customers.
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