Universal grain-cleaning separator of the BISS-40

Screen separator grain cleaning capacity of 40 t / h cleaning


The universal grain-cleaning separator of the BISS 40 model is designed for both primary cleaning (elevator mode) and final cleaning (mill mode) of a grain heap of cereals (wheat, rye, oats, etc.), cereals and legumes, industrial and oilseeds, grass seeds from light, large and small, weed and grain impurities, differing in geometric dimensions and aerodynamic properties, separated by an air flow and sieves, in order to bring the content of impurities in the harvested grain at elevators, mills, cereals, feed mills and other enterprises to a minimum values. NAME OF PARAMETER 1.* Technical productivity: preliminary cleaning - 40 t/h final cleaning (mill mode) for wheat - 12 t/h 2. Efficiency of cleaning from weeds,not less: - preliminary cleaning - 20 % - final cleaning (mill mode) for wheat - 80 % Possibilities to adjust the angles of inclination of the upper and lower sieves. It is possible to install aspiration columns, Cyclones.

Элеваторы сельскохозяйственные
  • grain sieve separator
  • sieve grain cleaning equipment
  • fractional grain separator sieve
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