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Tilting tables - Manufacture of precast concrete products


Cross-functional tilting table is an industrial complex element for concrete goods production with magnetic timbering. With the help of magnetic equipment and a tilting table, it is possible to produce almost any reinforced concrete products (non-stressed, flat) for the buildings construction, including non-standard constructions. Tilting tables can be used both in large-scale production plants as well as in small enterprises. External and internal wall panels, beams, columns, piles, elevator shaft products, slabs and any other flat non-standard products, etc. can be produced on them. If necessary, the concrete equipment (tables) can be assembled into a line of the required length. The configuration of the tilting table can vary depending on the needs of the employer. A hydraulic unit, a trembler, telescopic cylinders, thermal rails, skitrings, safety chains, a control cabinet and an interlocking panel apparatus can be additionally installed.