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Tetrapod steel molds - sea defense


Tetrapods are sure structures that have proven their effectiveness in coastline protection in different countries. The special shape gives stableness to the structure and also enables strong coupling among items, which provides a guaranteed protection against the waves. Assembled tetrapod steel moulds structurally represent four flattened cones joined by bases. “M-Konstruktor” tetrapod molds are dismountable. They consist of one lower part – the base and three shape-forming pieces. The concrete mixture is poured through the upper neck of the construction. The molds are made of metal sheets with reinforcement along the outline. “M-Konstruktor” produces molds for tetrapod production of any size, permitted by all-Union State Standard: T -1,5; T-3; T-5; T-7.8; T-10; T-13; T-20; T-25 (a number means the weight of the final product in tons).