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The company "Tea World" was founded in 1992 in the city of Omsk. "Tea World" today is a large, steadily developing company. Initially, the organization was created only as an operator in the tea and coffee market. Gradually, the range of suppliers and partners expanded, and the assortment changed. In 1995, with the launch of its own production (the opening of a tea-packing factory in Omsk) the company is reaching a qualitatively new level. In 1995, the company "Tea World" registers the first own trademark "Inspiration". The image of the new tea was created not by chance, but taking into account the real preferences of consumers: taste, aroma, color of the infusion and strength, harmoniously combined in the product. In July 2005, the company released two more of its own brands: the most affordable leaf tea "Queen of Ceylon" and a collection of large-leaf and packaged tea "Favorite tea". Partners We are pleased to inform you that all the products of the company "Tea World" comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union for food products. Mandatory certification of products for the Customs Union is necessary to confirm the safety of products. The safety requirements for each product are different and are reflected in certain articles of the technical regulations. The presence of a valid certificate of conformity registered in the register is a prerequisite for putting products into circulation on the market.

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Since 2008, a new line of business has been introduced in the Tea World Company of Companies, aimed at providing packaging services for the tea and coffee range of products to third parties. Since then, we have gained extensive experience in launching Private Label packaging projects. At present we offer packaging of our own brands for retail chains, fast food chains, tea companies, companies engaged in promotion and business souvenirs (tea and coffee products with the logo of the customer's company). Our benefits: direct purchases of raw materials from factories located in all tea producing countries of the world, such as China, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.; rich experience in working with suppliers of packaging materials, availability of time-tested suppliers of these materials; experience in launching and producing our brands since 1998 (at the moment we have in our portfolio more than 150 SKU own brands); consulting in development of optimum


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