Red Fruit Oil


TM «RED NATURAL» The main active component of the products which are sold under this brand is Red Fruit Oil. Red Fruit, Buah Merah and Kuansu are all the names of a rare and unknown fruit of the tropical plant Pandanus conoideus (lat.), that grows in environmentally friendly regions of Oceania, namely in the forests of New Guinea, Australia and on the islands of Indonesia. The fatty acids in Red Fruit Oil have a unique characteristic of antibiotics and antiviral components. The high content of fatty acids particularly Omega 3 and Omega 9 in Red Fruit Oil can help really well in healing many diseases. The protein with unsaturated fatty acid in Red Fruit Oil can easily be digested in the human body as it increases metabolism. In hepatitis cases, the liver can regenerate tbroken liver cells faster.

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  • Red Fruit Oil
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