TKD | 02 Electronic (LF), telecommunication & intrinsically safe systems cables Electronic cables, versatile for low-frequency data transmission systems in electronics and electrical engineering. Telephone cables for indoor and outdoor use in communications technology as well as for fire alarm systems. - PVC- & Halogen-free electronic cables - Electronic & control cables for intrinsically safe circuits - Approved electronic & data cables - Low-capacity data cables - Hook up & installation cables - Halogen-free installation cables - Instrumentation cables - Telecommunication cables Excerpt of versions: > double shielded, shielded, unshielded > stranded in layers, pairs, triples, quads > UV-resistant, Oil-resistant > UL/CSA recognized Excerpt of products: ELITRONIC® - PAARTRONIC® (PVC & FRNC) - DATATRONIC®-CY (UL/CSA) - DATEX-CY - DATEX-PIMF-CY - INDUCOM® RE-2X(St)Yv-fl - INDUCOM® RE-2X(St)Yv-fl PIMF

Электрические кабели
  • intrinsically safe systems
  • data cable
  • electronic cable


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