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TechViz -- это разработчик ПО виртуальной реальности, лидер в области визуализации 3D приложений в реальном времени. Лидеры продаж компании: TechViz XL и VR Collaboration -- уникальное программное обеспечение для мгновенной визуализации приложений 3D (Dassault Systèmes Catia, Revit Architecture, CEI EnSight и т.д.). TechViz позволяет визуализировать и перемещаться внутри 3D модели в масштабе 1 : 1 без преобразования данных на основе любых систем ВР, таких как HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, CAVE.

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TechViz Digital Review aims to improve the interaction in the Virtual Environment. This option enables a thorough and dynamic 3D visualization so as to make your VR sessions useful and fruitful for the progress of your project. TechViz Digital Review functionalities offer an efficient and easy way to review your virtual prototypes with a dedicated set of tools. These functionalities aim to improve the interaction in the virtual reality environment and the work done around the virtual prototype. Thanks to their user friendly interface, they are very easy to use. Measure the distance between two points. Hide and show parts to have a better understanding of your 3D model. Stick virtual flags on the model with annotations to point out specific issues seen during the review. Clip planes to check different layers and navigate intuitively with TechViz Building Explorer.


The Finger Tracking option allows you to : - Visualize your fingers to check accessibility. See an accurate representation of your fingers. Understand collisions between fingers and product with sound, colors and haptic feedback (with a compatible device) - Interact with your environment. It is possible to trigger cinematics. You can create cinematics using the Virtual Assembly and Video Recording options by TechViz. Then, specify the triggering parts and associate the cinematics on it. Once you touch those parts the cinematics will start. - Evaluate tactile HMI in your virtual environment. When combined with Interactive Image Integration users will be able to virtually control their tactile HMI for product ergonomics evaluation.


Teamwork is key to success and has become a challenge for global firms whose departments or subsidiaries are spread all over the world. TechViz has developed its virtual reality collaborative solution creating a shared virtual workspace connecting several sites around a same 3D project. Immersed in their own 3D system, users from different locations will see each other, visualize and work on the same 3D model in real time. This software is ideal to improve communication between coworkers to pursue decision and validation processes without physical meeting. TechViz VR collaboration can also be used to provide remote training, in real time, at any distance. Teamwork becomes easier within the corporate structure, especially between people working from different locations in the world.


A real driver to immersive simulation, TechViz Virtual Assembly option works directly from your native 3D application (like Dassault Systemes Catia V5 or Solidworks HTC Vive), in real time. Compatible with more than 200 3D applications, this VR software solution enables an interactive experience by simulating physical interaction of objects in 3D. Ideal to improve assembly processes, validate maintenance operations or reduce technical risks. TechViz’s Virtual Assembly works with our 3D visualization software TechViz XL. TechViz XL is a virtual prototyping software acting like a driver to capture directly your 3D model. The Virtual Assembly option of this immersive 3D visualization software has a universal part recognition engine that allows part selection and manipulation. Application connectors like CATIA Connector, Navisworks Connector... used in addition to the Virtual Assembly option provide with part information, as they are defined in the PLM database.

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