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Manufacturing Company TechnoSonus is the European market leader of sound insulation, acoustic and vibration-damping materials, technologies and engineering consulting in the field of architectural acoustics. The Company has been successfully developing since 2007. The Company has its own production facilities, which make it possible to develop and release a wide range of various soundproof and acoustic materials. The production area is over 6, 000 m2. State-of-the-art domestic and foreign equipment is installed in its workshops. Strict quality control is carried out for all products. Specialization: - Production and sale of materials for sound insulation, vibration isolation and acoustic comfort; - Development and testing of the most effective noise protection systems; -Measurements, design and development of recommendations on tasks related to noise and acoustics in rooms of any purpose; - Scientific activity; - Construction and installation. Technosonus Group has been producing reliable, high-quality and highly efficient materials for many years, which have won the recognition of millions of customers. These are products under the trademarks TS I, Technosonus VEM, Sonoplat, Son got stronger, etc. Every year the company develops, tests and puts on sale various novelties that meet the most modern quality standards with the use of innovative technologies. These include the rapidly gaining popularity decorative acoustic panels Akustiline and Belner.

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