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Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers - Road infrastructure


“New Jersey” traffic barriers are reinforced concrete blocks, which are used in modular and prefabricated construction to prevent vehicles from slipping off the road and pontilice (bridge, over bridge, trestle, etc.), crossing the separating strip, crashing into another vehicle, hitting a massive obstruction or construction, and are set on the road side and in the right of way. Traffic barriers are produced in accordance with impact severity as their major feature. “New Jersey” precast concrete stone impact severity depends on its weight, height and surface form with a variable slope. “M-Konstruktor” plant specializes in manufacturing of steel moulds for the production of reinforced concrete goods and has all the nesessary resources, production facilities, equipment, professional staff and raw-materials base to provide high quallity of the produced goods. If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our speciali