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Stair steel moulds - Manufacture of precast concrete products


Stair flight production is widely used as the key element of concrete stairs in general-purpose building and industrial structures. The name “stair flight” comes from such constructions being continuous rows of steps. Our company offers the production of steel moulds for stair flights (LM), landings (LP) as well as stair flights with landings (LMP) and steps. We are ready to carry out the project in accordance with all-Union State Standard or individual layouts complying with the building design. Stair flight mold is equipped with hinged skirtings, which provide a delicate removal of the final product without being damaged. Such stair flight mold configuration guarantees final product of high quality. Steps mold is also in high demand. This option would fit you when it is not possible to install solid stair flight e.g. when the stairs have increased load on them or there is a heavy rise of stairs.