Spare parts for MTZ Belarus tractors

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Looking for dealers, wholesalers - spare parts for MTZ Belarus tractors from Belarus! WhatsApp: +375 29 395-12-41 We propose original spare parts to tractor units and tractor systems: - engine; - turbochargers; - fuel; - equipment; - hydraulic system (including pumps NSH, valves); - control cables; - electrical (including starters, generators); - repair kits; -,bearings; - and other...

Сельскохозяйственная техника
  • Shock steering shaft 70-3401077 Shock hood GZAA 11.3.6308010 G beam front axle 50-3001010- cylinder air receiver 85-3513010 The drum of 70-4202033 The tank ZIL-5301 El.torchlight heater 240-3707140- Radiator tank -80 top plastic Buzuluk 70П-1301055 Radiator tank -80 lower Orenburg 70У.1301.075 Bendix GAZZIL-5301 D-245 (article AZJ312433533385338132293427)ISKRA-Grenoble 16.903.550(replacement 437475) Bendix ZIL-5301 SETART 868010 Bendix tractor harvesters with DV.MMP-260262263.265 Euros and 2.3 z=10 BATE 5404.3708600-10 The gas tank right 70-1101010 gas tank with the neck left of the RUE MTW 70-1101020 Bolt D-260 pulley crankshaft 260-1005054 Bolt ZIL-5301 connecting rod with nut 50-1004026 SB-A1 Wheel bolt s/s rear 40-3104021 Wheel bolt s/s front 40-3103016 Bolt 85-1601126 Bolt 40-4607051 Bolt 50-4607031 Bolt 70-4216048 B Bolt 40-4607037 bolt differential axle front drive 52-2303026-B bolt rear hitch 50-4605019 bolt of fastening of a vibration absorber cab 80-6700029 bolt mount rear hub 50-3104028 bolt drive clutch thrust 80-1602033 Bolt 70-4605036 bolt earrings RSTS 50-4605086 bolt earrings 50-4605086 Bolt resistant clutch pedal 50-1602033- Bolt control rear 70-4216023- bolt fitting compressor 240-3509233 bolt fitting oil filter 260-1013018 Bolt ZIL-5301 flywheel 50-1005127 Bolt ZIL-5301 flywheel 50-1005127- Bolt DT knife blade with nut М16х45 Bolt -82 cardan shaft with nut 52-2203020 Bolt -82 flange reducer PVM 72-2308018 Bolt-fitting ZIL-5301s/s TNND 240-1111103А Bolt-fitting -80 TND 240-1111103 Bonk control system fuel 80-1108317 Timber -8082 articulated front MSTSC 70-2801120-A1 The front tow 80-2806010 Shaft front axle L=626мм 4 resp. 72-2203010-A2 Shaft front axle L=626мм 4 resp. 72-2203010-A2 Shaft s/s steering 50-3401060 Shaft -12201221 before.bridge 112-2203010 Shaft -1221 tie 85-3401150 Shaft -320T-25 drive the brushes in the casing 8 slot.+ 8 slot.AKD 10.016.6000-13C Shaft -80821221 drive the brushes in the casing 8 slot.+ 8 slot. AKD 10.040.6000-16K Transmission shaft internal 50-1701185 Transmission shaft secondary 50-1701252 Transmission shaft secondary RSTS 50-1701252 Transmission shaft control mechanism 50-1702063 Transmission shaft primary 48-1701032- Transmission shaft primary SAT 48-1701032 Transmission shaft primary PACKAGING 48-1701032 Transmission shaft intermediate 50-1701182-B Transmission shaft intermediate under sync.the reverse 70-1701182-B-02 Transmission shaft power 70-1721113- Transmission shaft s/s 1-th transmission and ass.stroke 70-1701382 Transmission shaft -1221 primary RUE 80S-1701032 Shaft MAZ-4370 forks incorporating vents N/a 4370-1601215 Shaft MAZ-4370agricultural forks enable 50-1601215 Shaft L=320mm 1221-4202017 Shaft 70-4604034 Shaft 70-3401055 Shaft 80-4202076 Shaft 70-3401050 B Shaft 74-1721113 shaft locking mechanism of the locking differential 70-2409020 Shaft slave the drive shaft 70-1601021-B Shaft leading 70-1601026 vertical shaft short RESTS 52-2308063 The short vertical shaft 52-2308063 vertical shaft short TARA 52-2308063 Shaft 70-4202044 shaft 6-spline 80-4202015-A-01 Shaft 8-slot 80-4202015- Shaft spline one-piece 8-spline TARA 70-4202018 Shaft side 50-4204022 The rotary shaft 70-4605023 Shaft drive leading TARA 70-1601026 Shaft transfer case 72-1802063 Shaft gear transmission end front axle 52-2308135 The steering shaft 80-3401052Б Shaft sector 50-3405030 Shaft brake 360mm 70-3504055 Shaft brake 380mm 70-3504055-01 Shaft MAZ-4370 plugs enable RSTS 50-1601215 Shaft agricultural Gura 50-3405047 Shaft s/s intermediate support 72-2209013 Shaft s/s steering 80-3401072 Shaft steering 70-3401074-B Shaft -100 clutch 230mm 85-1601026 Shaft -1220 horizontal L=290mm 822-2308065-01 Shaft -1221 power take-off SAT 8-slot. 1221-4202020 Shaft -1221 clutch 85-1601113 Shaft -1221 clutch RUE 1522-1601026 Shaft -8082 TARA 80-4202017-B Shaft -80821221 SB reinforced 80-4202020 Roller RK 52-1802080-B1 Roller control rear axle 50-2401019-B Roller of the fuel supply control transition 70-1108230 Roller brake control Parking 70-3507060 MTW rollers/s lever the clutch the 70-1601140 Vibration absorber 5718 228 (11MNSO) 786186 Release fork -1221 cuttings RUE 85-1601203 Fork transmission shaft primary 74-1723020-B1 Plug gearbox 85-1702034 Plug gearbox 50-1702028 Plug gearbox 50-1702116 Plug gearbox s/s 1-th transmission and ass.stroke 74-1702086 Plug gearbox -80 3rd transmission 50-1702096 Fork nereguli.brace RESTS 50-4605100-B shift fork ponizh. transfer 80-1723021 Drive fork water pump 50-4604030 Fork RK 52-1802084 Fork A20-213-A Fork MAZ-4370 cuttings RSTS 50-1601203 Fork agricultural 50-3502203 Fork sample 36-2701036-A3 Fork -100 gear 80S-1702074 Fork -1001221 clutch transmission 80-1601191 Fork -1001221 steering 85-3401156 screw 52-1802093 screw adjusting 52-2301052 screw gearbox transmission end of front drive axle RUHR 72-2308046 screw 72-2308011 screw ties left to the A61.04.002 screw ties left RESTS A61.04.002 screw ties the right to the A61.04.002-01 screw ties the right RSTS A61.04.002-01 Screw thrust A61.03.200 screw thrust upper Central hinge 1220-4605570 screw control CMV 50-4216028-B screw installation TION 50-4202130 Screw -1221 upper link (left-hand thread d=22.5) RSTS A61.02.100-02 Screw -1221 upper pull rod (right hand thread d=22.5) RSTS A61.02.100-04 Screw -1221 with thrust upper right A61.02.100-05 Screw -8082 installation 50-4202068 Liner rear hub biscuit 50-3104025 Drove 70-4202065 Drove satellites SB 70-4202060 Bushing 50-3405029- Bushing 70-1601053 Bushing 85-4604012 Bushing 72-1802062 A1 bushing shaft arm to steering gear 50-3405032 bushing housing rear axle 80-2401032 Bushing clutch housing and levers of the brake pedal AMM 50-3503064 Bushing transmission shaft intermediate 70-1701402 Bushing fist small metal 50-3001052 Bushing gear 50-1702044 bushing hinge 70-4605032 Bushing drive resistant 50-1601336 Tight fitting bushing 50-3405041 Bushing prom.landing 72-2209012 Bushing spacer 50-1701312 Bushing dispenser GURA 50-3405026 Bushing RK 52-1802092-B Bushing 72-2308009 bushing lever 142-1601088 bushing axle upper small 70-3001102- bushing axle bottom big 70-3001101- Bushing agricultural 70-3001021 Bushing agricultural timber under the front axle swing 40-3001022 Bushing s/s reducer 50-1701188 Bushing s/s steering 80-3401070 Bushing -80 axles are metal. 70-3001062 Bushing -80 axles are metal. 80-3001068А Bushing -8082 of differential lock 70-2409027 Bushing starter ZIL-5301 N/a(starter СТ142М/N)3pcs ENERGOMASH to-t СТ142М/N-3708302/404 (ВСК9) Bushing starter ZIL-5301 s/O(starter СТ142Е/K)3pcs set СТ142Е/K-3708302/404 Bushing starter ZIL-5301T-40(starter 20.3708)3pcs ENERGOMASH to-t 241.3708302/404 (ВСК6) Bushing starter ZIL-5301T-40(starter 24.3708)3pcs ENERGOMASH to-t 241.3708302/404/** (ВСК8) Bushing starter T-16MT-25A-80(starter СТ222)3pcs set СТ222А-3708302/8402 The reverse switch ВК12-41 The reverse switch ВК12-51 The reverse switch connector rod ВК12-31 The master switch remote 12 24V 50A 2-pin SCREEN 1212.3737-04 The master switch remote 12V 50A 3-pin SCREEN 1212.3737-06 Switch audio signal 12V ВК12-1 Switch glow plug and starter -80 COATE ВК316Б Nut D-120144 manifold retaining M8x1 v Д37А-1008127Б Nut ZIL-5301DTLTZ gon injection pump 240-1104119 Wheel nut rear (A) 36-3104019 Wheel nut s/s rear 36-3104019 Wheel nut s/s front 40-3103017 nut 70-3401078 nut 50-3405052 nut 50-3405053 shaft nut secondary 50-1701253 castellated nut M18 x 1.5 70-3003032 Nut axis of the intermediate gear RK 52-1802128 nut axle top М27х1.5 50-3001087
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