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  •  Low capacity sleeve filters

    Low capacity sleeve filters

    The advantage of the cyclonic effect is a pre-separation of the biggest particles that could damage the sleeves.

  • Rotary sifters

    Rotary sifters

    The need to separate a product batch into 2 different and regular particle sizes, especially in the field of bioethanol,starch, cement, petfood, and fishfeed

  • Thermal conditioner

    Thermal conditioner

    STOLZ thermal conditioner guarantees the sanitary quality, improves the meal flow and starch digestibility and increases the water content of the product

  • Modular plate conveyor

    Modular plate conveyor

    The range of STOLZ Modular Plate Conveyors is dedicated to the transportation of fresh or frozen food

  • Stainless steel continuous mixer

    Stainless steel continuous mixer

    The STOLZ continuous mixer is similar to our ST range of mixers, its specific feature is the capacity to perform a continuous mixing.

  • Vacuum coater by STOLZ

    Vacuum coater by STOLZ

    With its vacuum coater, Stolz offers state of the art and improved coating.

  • Hammermill feeder type ABMS

    Hammermill feeder type ABMS

    Feeding the hammermill all over its length and adding cleaning functions to separate metal parts and stones have been the most important developments.

  • Cryogenic mixer

    Cryogenic mixer

    ST 500 and 700 Litres

  • Mixing Rotosphere - MRS

    Mixing Rotosphere - MRS

    The Mixing Rotosphere will appeal to every user searching for a mixing of small bulk batches and requiring frequent changes of formula thanks to an extremely high flexibility

  •  Pellet mill

    Pellet mill


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