Stanmodern LTD was found in 1991. Our company sells and repairs metalworking equipment, and also designs and manufactures a new one. With a production area equal to 2, 000 square meters, the main thrust of the plant is the overhaul and modernization of any complexity, as well as designing and manufacturing exclusive machines. During repair operations such as alignment, grinding, mechanical handling guides, replacement of the majority of bearings, spindles gauge, manufacturing of new screws, electric upgrade, installation or replacement of CNC systems, etc.
In our factory has experienced engineers who are constantly searching for new solutions, and close contact with leading research centers in Russia, enables us to find new non-standard methods used in manufacturing. 

We are working with such notable clients as CATERPILLAR, FISKARS  , CHIPITA , HEINEKEN , KNAUF...

Stanmodern LTD repairs and produce modernization of metalworking equipment. Overhaul of machines increases the service life and reliability. Modernization of machine tools provides significant enhanced functionality.
We offer delivery and development of metal-working equipment: Heavy Duty metalworking equipment, Straightening machines, Vertical turning machines (single and double column), CNS Lathes, Boring machines etc.  


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