Founded in 2006 based around the values of producing the highest quality lingerie from the finest materials we continue to produce elegant and flawless designs for our customers. Designed by our talented designer who is respected by her peers for her refined and sensual garments we have a broad range of products on offer.
Our aim is to give our wearers confidence and sensuality alongside a perfect, comfortable fit. We make products for women of all ages and sizes firmly believing that everyone should have access to high class lingerie.
We offer classical and fashion models of bra, briefs, strings, pants and bodies produced from the best quality fabrics and laces from European producers such as SIVA, DOGI, BOSELLI, BICHOFF Textil, etc. Each garment goes through our rigorous three levels of quality control before leaving the factory. We believe in what we do and nothing leaves the factory that is not of the very highest standard.
Due to our flexibility and expertise we are able to offer a wide range of products and services including the full range of bra sizes from 70 A to 120 H. We can also allow our clients to produce their own models according to your technologies and under their brand.
We welcome the chance to showcase what we do with any customer or supplier. We are proud of our products and after working with us you will see why.

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  • Дамское белье
  • корсетные изделия
  • женское белье

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