Powerful foamed noise barrier sound isolation



Thickness, mm: 3.0-100.0 Temperature of maintenance -40C - +120С Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than): 6 Acoustic absorptivity coefficient: 0.1-0.99 Density, kg/cubic: 80-240 Composition: A second type of foamed polyurethane. The special glue composition provides the perfect combination of sound absorbing properties and vibration strength. Type of the glue layer: Acryl or elastic. Sizes of the production: Sheets – 1000х2000mm, 1200х2000mm, 1600х2000mm (may be issued in sizes according to customer). Description: The sound absorber material with acoustic insulating facial coverings. It has thermal insulation properties. It withstands cyclic loadings and is elastic and shock isolated. It is used as a second layer of the processing of the body's car, cabs of specialty machines, bonnets, insulation panels, and transport facility bodies. It may serve as a principal layer, which includes insulating and absorbing properties.

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