Patent registration

Patent and utility model registration


RUSSIAN PATENT The right to an invention or utility models shall be protected by the law and certified by a patent for invention or utility model. The scope of legal protection conferred by a patent for invention or utility model shall be defined by claims. A patent shall certify priority, right of inventorship of an invention or utility model and the exclusive right to use them. A patent owner shall enjoy the exclusive right to use the patented invention or utility model at his discretion. An infringement of the exclusive right of a patent owner shall be a non-authorized manufacture, use, importation, offer for sale, sale, other commercial introduction or storage for this purpose of a product containing a patented invention or utility model. At the request of the patent owner the patent infringement must be stopped and the natural person or legal entity guilty of patent infringement shall be liable to pay damage to the patent owner in accordance with legislation of the Russia.

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