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Light steel office

Prefabex designed and manufactured custom commercial office space solutions that would handle all of the client needs. The three-story office building we installed within the scope of this project wit

Portable Cabin and kiosk

With long years of experience, we supplies standard and custom modular healthcare buildings across all types of medical facilities and healthcare spaces Whether for permanent or temporary projects.

modular office

We design and manufacture modular offices with the highest-quality materials and according to your accurate specifications. With modern, durable, well-constructed components.

Prefab modern villa and house

We designed this amazing modern masterpiece in Jordan. Every aspect of this steel villa is upscale and built with the most intense attention to detail to guarantee it’s luxurious in inside and and out

portable office container

The modular office containers are built off-site in sections and then delivered to your site for installation. The off-site construction process helps you get your commercial modular building.

prefab modular accommodation and dining buildings

Prefabex was approached by Hearts of Oak Football Club, The new football academy buildings were required by the Club to include a junior and senior residence, management housing and gym.

steel buildings

We exists to supply you with the highest-quality metal structures at competitive prices. We’re proud to provide steel buildings that are quick and easy to erect, attractive, durable.

prefabricated School

Client was in need of school building that was time sensitive and budget friendly. After studying different alternatives, the client chose light steel frame structure in order to achieve their vision.

Light steel villa and house

Prefabex is proud to offer its extensive range of prefabricated villas homes that are economical, stylish, and come with a wide selection of internal and external finishing.

Light steel villa in Saudi Arabia

We are the leading solution for high-end custom prefabricated villas construction. Custom prefabricated is a good option for those looking to design a fully custom home.


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Light Steel Office (Saudi Arabia)

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