material is used as a soft-type lining in manufacture of removable denture designs; material is used in manufacture of maxillofacial appliances; Strong points: quick and easy manufacture of lining; no odor and taste; no toxicity; low water absorption; durable elasticity properties; stable connection between lining and denture base; compatibility with all standard removable denture plastics; Application instructions: treat the denture surface by removing 1 mm layer; clean and dry out the denture surface thoroughly; apply only 1 layer of primer; primer drying time is 20-30 seconds; total polyvinylsiloxane composition operation-use time is 1,0-1,5 minutes; polyvinylsiloxane composition curing time is 2,0-6,0 minutes; close tightly the primer-containing vial;

Стоматология - основная и сопутствующая продукция
  • dental material for soft type linings
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