Organic Fertilizer PSV-74 is a key to obtaining very high yields of absolutely natural crops. Our product allows to achieve this outstanding result for the following reasons: - It contains NPK varying from 4-4-4 to 5-5-5 %. - It is produced from processed poultry manure and sapropel (lake ooze). - Organic substances exceed 70 %. - Our technology is based on non-thermal drying of organic substances and preserves all natural qualities of the product. - All natural and anthropological radionuclides and heavy metals of poultry manure are effectively removed; - Our product is UNIVERSAL - it can be applied to all kinds of plants and soils; - It is used for main and additional soil application and foliar fertilizing (is 100 % water-soluble). - High agricultural results are achieved with significantly small amounts of the fertilizer already in the first year of use. - Our product boosts resistance of plants to unfavourable weather conditions and diseases.

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