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steel tubes GOST. ASTM,DIN

We produced saimless steel pipes GOST, ASTM, DIN

325x25 steel pipe

Продам трубу стальную бесшовную ГОСТ8732

seamless steel pipes from Ukraine

Selling seamless steel pipes of all sizes made ​​by European and American standards

Ukraine steel tubes

steel pipes from the manufacturer , the world's best steel


Saemless steel pipes

round steel pipe

The round steel pipe from the best manufacturers in Europe and Asia . Manufacturing Number of any individual under the order of any complexity .

Steel pipe precision

Steel pipe production for the Ukrainian pipelines, metal , furniture fittings , boilers , machinery , etc.

Truba, Kranmetiz, Nikopol.

Seamless steel pipes and electric diameter of 6 mm. up to 377 mm. 10,20,35,45 of steel according to GOST , ASTM, DIN

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