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9ml cosmetic jars_biodegradable material

Our 7ml and 9ml jar made with biodegradable material gives you nature look and feel. It's the best jar for oily cosmetics such as balm and lips as well as dry powder and foods.

Colour variations

We have 9 standard colour available for 2 different types of materials. All materials are industrial compostable, microplastic free and Food Contact Safe.

Cosmetic jars_60ml biodegradable jar

Our new 60ml jars is especially for water-based cosmeics such as skin and body cream. We can offfer 9 different colours with 2 different materials. All jars are Industrial compostable.

200ml Premium jar_Natural, Black, White

We have 9 colours available. These pictures are made with Premium mateial with 3 different colours(Natural, Black and White). Good for dry food, powder, supplement and oily cosmetics.

200ml Universal jar_Natural Black White

9 different colours are available. These pictures are 'Natural, 'Black' and 'White' colour with Universal mateiral which give natural and smooth look.

Jars for supplemens and cosmetics

We have 7ml, 9ml, 133ml, 150ml and 200ml jars. All are good for dry foods, powder, supplement and oily cosmetics.

Autoinjector trays_Pulp Injection Molding

Pulp Injetion Molding(PIM) tray gives good protection against external impact. It's a perfect sustainabl alternative for plastic tray.

Ampoule case_Pulp Injection Molding

Pulp Injection Molding(PIM) is suitable to any products which require high impact protection and complex dimensions with sustaiability.

PIM tray for medical device

Ear phone tray

Shock absorbable material protects items from damages during the transportation. Various colour are available. We offer packaging designing service upon customers' request.

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