The multi-blade two-shaft disc machine AKULA is used for sawing up 2, 3, 4 edge beams with a thickness of up to 210. 2-shaft technology has advantages over a single-shaft one. Using saws of smaller diameter, less cutting thickness, respectively, less waste, and most importantly more lumber yield! Benefits: Cutting height up to 210 mm. The ability to work 1 shaft, and installing it saws with a diameter of 450 mm, when installing saws with a diameter of 450 mm, the height of the cut with one shaft - 160 mm. Reinforced design, increased weight up to 3000 kg. Adjusting the height of the clamping ryabuh is performed simultaneously from one steering wheel, which speeds up the adjustment process. Increased set width. Increased amount of saws. Work in negative temperatures Easy operation The ideal geometry of the resulting lumber

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