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New Order Of Zinc Plated Metal Stamping Parts

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Thanks for our USA customer for placing a new order about such zinc plated metal stamping part. Qty:100000pcs China Sheet Metal Stamping Parts Factory custom produce Aluminum,Carbon & Stainless Steel,Brass & Copper Stamping Parts as per customers’ drawing or samples Materials can be stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum alloy,brass & copper,etc. Surface Finish: zinc plating,chromed,nickel plating,oiled,painting,powder coating,hot-galvanizing,heat treatment & blackening,etc We are professional metal stamping supplier from China, we custom metal stamping parts for foreign customers more than 15 years.


Tube Laser Cutting Service

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Custom Tube Fittings By Tube laser Cutting Services Ming Xiao Mfg as a professional metal parts manufacturer from China, provide various metal fabricating services by ourself and our brother factories. Now,our brother factory has introduced 2 set tube laser cutting machines, provide tube laser cutting services for us, we can custom tube fittings easily and faster without develop molds. Technical parameters of tube laser cutting service: Cutting Diameter:15mm – 150mm Cutting Length:6.2m Accuracy: +/-0.1mm Cutable materials: Carbon Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe, Aluminum Pipe, Brass or Copper Pipe Tube Structures: Round, Square,Hexagon With our metal stamping service, we can produce a variety of pipe accessories, such as shrinking and flaring pipe fittings. Welcome inquire us!


New Assembly Parts Developing For Denish Customer

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Nonstandard Fasteners from Stainless Steels. Thanks to Our Denmark client for awarding these stainless steel parts to us. These new stainless steel parts are custom produced for our Denmak client, use for Pipe Clamp, those are the fasten accessories, made from Stainless steel 304 & 316, the secrews and pins are made by cold forging firstly to get the rough parts, then machining the surface and the threads,and there is a stamping parts, for getting a good and bright surface, the outer threaded screw was chemical polished, and other parts were vibration trembing polished. Ming Xiao is a professional Steel parts factory located in Ningbo China, specialize in custom CNC turning parts, sheet metal stamping parts for domestic & foreign customers. we do export business, more than 15 years,Our compliance is to provide customers with quality service and product quality, for customers from any trouble. Over the years, we have been consistently satisfied and praised by our customers.


Got new awards of the turning stainless steel rings

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Name: Stainless Steel Rings Material: SS304 Machining types: CNC turning Application: Wheel Finish: Polishing We custom stainless steel turned parts according to customer’s drawing or samples. If you are interest in our stainless steel turning & machining services to produce your turned parts, please contact with us.


Introduction of three new progressive die stamping machines

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We have introduced three new progressive die stamping machines in the end of 2017. 2 sets 45 ton, 1 set 60 ton, now can improve the production capability, can produce more bigger parts by progressive die stamping. As a professional metal stamping parts manufacturer from China, we also provide progressive die stamping services for improve our production line, and provide our customers more cost efficient choice,if quantity is higher enough, progressive die stamping can reduce the price and speed up the production very much. The progressive die is composed of several workplaces. The different workplaces are connected in order to complete different processing. A series of different stamping processes are completed in the stroke of the punch. Progressive die (also called progressive die) is made up of several workstations, and each station is completed in sequence. A series of different punching & stamping processes are completed in the stroke of the punch. After a stroke is complet