MIKADEZ – litter dryer

DEHUMIDIFICATION + disinfection + wound healing + deodorization


MIKADEZ – litter dryer - the remedy to improve health and hygiene conditions of all kinds of animals and poultry with a disinfecting and antiseptic effects. The use of MIKADEZ provides: improving the sanitarystatus of the barns; absorption of moisture more than 250% of its weight; absorption of ammonia vapors; reduction of bacterial activity; reduction of respiratory diseases in young animals; reduce mortality and diarrhea; in pig production contributes to more rapid draining and prevents thermal shock in newborn piglets (has a warming effect without additional heating); rapid wound healing (also drying of the umbilical cord, wound healing after castration and cropping); it prevents infection of the sows genitals after farrowing, which has a positive effect on the fertilization rate.

Ветеринарные услуги
  • litter dryer
  • binder
  • disinfection
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