About company The company MichelinPostavka LLC was founded in October 2016 to supply food products for export. The project Import Export Trade Company was created as a logical continuation of the business of supplying food products to restaurant chains, fast food chains, factory-kitchens and food production in Russia. For 17 years we have been engaged in wholesale supply of a wide range of food products to various regions of Russia. We cooperate with large domestic and foreign manufacturers and importers. For 7 years we have been importers of various food stuffs from Europe, America and Asia. In connection with the changed business environment in Russia and extensive experience with foreign partners, we are most interested in exporting food products to India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc. For the convenience of this project promotion, we have a certified refrigeration capacity (cold storage) in Gelendzhik, 30 km from the large commercial port of Novorossiysk. We cooperate on exclusive terms with manufacturers of mineral water and sunflower oil. We regularly check the quality of the products and are ready to provide samples of products. Our company is constantly looking for new ways, forms and opportunities to work with domestic and foreign companies. We invite all potential partners to cooperation. I am sure that our joint work will bring a good result.

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  • Продукты питания - импорт-экспорт
  • растительное масло
  • вода
  • масло
  • минеральная вода оптом
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