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METALLIST Glazov Plant (Russia) has been established at 1899 and now it is one of the leaders among manufacturers of ventilation and heating equipment and the only one manufacturer of vices and anvils in Russia. Our equipment: - Mine fans, Axial fans - Radial Fans, Smoke Exhaust fans - Bench vices, machine vices - Anvils - Heating equipment This time we export our products at 7 countries including European Union and Middle East. Our plant is situated in Glazov city, Udmurt Republic, Russia. Positioning at Trans-Siberian Railroad gives opportunity of direct transportation to the largest international ports of Russia including Vladivostok, Snt.-Petersburg and Novorossiysk. HOLDING QUALITY. High quality of our products is confirmed by Certificate ISO 9001-2015 and Certificates of Quality for Eurasian Economic Union. SAVING TRADITIONS. We produce our Products on the base of GOST Standards - Technical standards established during Soviet Union times when quality was beyond all. Contact us: Glazov city, Russian Federation. e-mail: liv (at) АО «Глазовский завод Металлист» был основан в 1899 и сегодня это ведущий производитель вентиляционного и отопительного оборудования, единственный производитель тисков и наковален в России. Наш девиз: ДЕРЖИМ КАЧЕСТВО, СОХРАНЯЯ ТРАДИЦИИ.

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Single Horn Anvils with size 3kg / 5kg / 10kg / 30 / 50 kg / 95 kg for forging and other mechanical hand works by method of metal deformation. Material is Steel 35 with surface hardness 320-477 HB. The depth of hardening is 0,8-1,5 mm. Technical documentation is based on GOST 11435.


Machine vices with manual drive are used for clamping parts for mechanical works on metal cutting machines: drilling, milling and sanding other machines. Machine vices were design for using in Soviet Union design machines on the base of GOST technical documentation. Jaw width is 100 mm, 125 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 320 mm. The vices are equipped by two handles and the key. Body material is Casting Steel or Ductile Cast Iron GGG50. Swivel base 360 with the scale. Accurate. Can be with non swivel option. Vices with jaw width 250 mm and 320 mm are purchased in wooden boxes.


Friction vices are used for clamping round parts and pipes for exclusion its deformation. Vices are used in disassembling and assembling of downhole sucker-rod pumps, compressors, and pipes. The delivery set includes replaceable inserts for pieces of different diameters. The material the vice is made of is carbon steel; the material of inserts can be from aluminium or steel.


Exhaust fans are designed to remove flue gases from the furnaces of steam and hot water boilers and to move dust-gas-air mixtures in other processing units. The maximum nominal diameter of the exhaust fan is 2400 mm. Can be manufactured from construction steel or corrosion proof steel. Exhaust fans are designed to move flue gases and non-explosive dust-gas-air mixtures with the temperatures ranging from -30 to + 200С, with the dust content up to 80 g/m3, and the ambient temperature from -40 to + 40C. Exhaust fans can be manufactured with right-hand and left-hand rotation of the impeller and the angles of rotation of the delivery pipe from 0 to 270 degrees through 15 degrees. Depending on the standard size of the exhaust fan and the Customer’s enquiry the delivery set may include a guide vane, which serves to regulate


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