MERX is a furniture company with extensive experience in both domestic and foreign markets. Founded in 1993, the company became a leader of furniture industry, proving this title for decades.

The Philosophy of MERX is “constant development”, which makes it possible to continuously update and improve technical basis and production resources. With the help of modern factory, MERX produces home, kitchen, bathroom furniture, office furniture and the furniture for HoReCa and shops. MERX is a reliable and solid importer of commercial equipment, well-known brands of Italian furniture, and is the exclusive representative of Country Corner, the French factory.

Today the company's dealer network includes more than 300 brand salons throughout Ukraine. In addition, MERX is a well-known brand in the CIS countries, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, USA and Canada. This proves that the company's products are recognized and in demand all over the world. Well-established logistic chain, optimized delivery and quality service ensure high level of customer loyalty.   

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IQ series
Мебель офисная
IQ series IQ furniture for personnal series was designed for those who prefer modern style of working. As a branch-system, it allows to rationally use the facility of any area and configuration, by creating comfortable working places for employees, as well as the separate working zone for executive. This... Посмотреть новость целиком
  • office furniture
  • furniture for stuff
  • work station
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  • IQ furniture for personnel series

  • Planet Cabinet

  • Boss Cabinet

Ключевые слова, связанные с компанией

  • Мебель офисная
  • кабинеты
  • мебель для офисов


  • MERX

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    численности персонала
  • 35%
    % экспорта в торговом обороте

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    Тип предприятия
    Юридический адрес, Головная компания
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Зеленый: зона покрытия
Серый: вне зоны покрытия

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  • EXW Франко завод
  • FCA Франко перевозчик
  • CPT Фрахт/перевозка оплачены до
Ответственность продавца
Ответственность покупателя

Способы оплаты

  • Перевод по SWIFT
  • Аккредитив stand-by


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