Manufacturing of RUBBER-METAL SEALS: ROTARY SHAFT SEALS, OIL-SEALS for automotive, trucks, agryculture, heavy industry. Also produce: rubber parts for brake systems, radial shaft seals, silent-blocks, protective rubber boots, CV-Joint boots, different rubber plugs, caps and grommets for cablesystems, water and gear pump seals, washing mashine seals, rubber glands and gaskets, shock-absorber seals, vibration isolator or mounts, o-rings and other packing elements. Materias: FKM, NBR, ACM, CR, EPDM, FVMQ, MVQ, IR, SBR, BR, CIIR etc. Contract manufacturing since 1991: Our in-house facilities Tool Manufacturing Rubber Molding Machines (Presses) Full Rubber Compound Manufacturing Facilities (Mixing) Measuring, Rubber Laboratory and Oil-Seals Testing Equipment Full Range of Finishing Equipment (Automatic & Manual Rubber Trimming) Preforming (Barwell), Rubber Compound Sheet Cutting (Lengthwise, Crosswise), Calendering Metal Stamping Presses (up to 200 ton), High Productivity Automatic Stamping Lines Metal Preparations, Metal Treatment Galvanizing: Phosphating, Zinc-plating, Chromium-plating Adhesive production, automatic glue applying, drying Oil-seals Spring-forming & Spring-joining Ovens, Thermostats Mold Cleaning Equipment Nitrogen Deflashing equipment Storage Facilities, Transforming Station, Compressed Air Production and Accumulation, Boiler house etc.

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