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Knight Optical Components for Military & Defence Vehicles

Последний проект ・ May 18, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

As a leading supplier of ultra-high-precision optical components for integration with high-specification military and defence systems, Knight Optical is uncovering innovations within the industry in its latest three-part blog series on optical components for military and defence applications. In this sequel, the UK- and USA-based optics supplier investigates the gadgets and technology used by the fast-moving vehicle, air and spacecraft divisions of armies, navies, and air forces worldwide. In part one of our series (which can be read in full here), we mention the utmost importance of specifying fit-for-purpose components, such as optics, that have been tested and manufactured to the highest quality and from application-specific substrates. In the world of enduring vehicles and soaring aircraft, the need is even greater. Activities such as effortlessly and agilely gliding amongst the clouds and climbing rocky and dusty terrain are but a couple of difficulties that could READ MORE


Optical Components for Military & Defence Equipment

Выпуск продукции ・ May 9, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

Several all-important necessities are considered when providing optics for high-spec military and defence applications. Here at Knight Optical, we've been working with these discerning industries for over 30 years and understand the critical distinguishing features demanded from these integral components to facilitate optimum performance. In this three-part blog, we examine some of the equipment required by today's armed forces and uncover the optics integrated into their designs. When specifying any component for military use, the standard is of utmost importance, and several characteristics give an optic a sought-after high-quality ranking. Namely, for army- and navy-specific optical components, these factors include elements such as durability – for example, resistance to shock and rapid movements like vibration and temperature – as well as precision and longevity. As well as the prominent large-scale weaponry, vehicles, small arms and other light weapons, there is a whole h


Top of the Shops: Smart Warehouses & Evolving E-Commerce

Automation Blog ・ Apr 27, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

Following the substantial rise that the e-commerce industry has experienced in the past few years and the consequential strain placed on warehousing facilities, sales growth is starting to slow following its pre-pandemic high1. As we begin to wonder what the future holds for e-commerce, Knight Optical – the leading supplier of custom-made, premium-quality optical components – explores the technology that warehouses have been turning to in their most turbulent times. When the pandemic hit, e-commerce sales skyrocketed. With vulnerable individuals unable to leave the house and resultant lockdowns and restrictions, we leaned on online shopping like never before. Subsequently, the pressure was on for warehouses worldwide – notably those housing groceries – and with 'panic buying' in full swing, COVID-related staff shortages, social distancing guidelines to adhere to and supply chain issues, keeping pace with supply and demand was a struggle.


In the Spotlight: New Fluorescence Filter Sets Range

Выпуск продукции ・ Apr 10, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

This month, Knight Optical is excited to unveil a brand-new range of Fluorescence Filter Sets. As its first product launch of the year, the announcement comes as welcome news to those working on fluorescence imaging applications, who demand premium-quality, ultra-precision Filter Sets for high-efficiency transmission. The launch follows the business' 30th anniversary, which the global optics supplier celebrated last year, and demonstrates its dedication in continually evolving the growth of its already-comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge, custom-made, and stock optical components. Here, the trusted brand discusses its new product offering and runs through the indispensable technicalities behind the sets. Filters and Sets to Meet Every Application's Needs As a set of optics that are typically used for fluorescence applications within fields such as biology, materials science, chemistry, medical diagnostics, and mineralogy; for example, specification variation was of the utmos


The Top 10 Technologically Advanced Sectors of 2021

Выпуск продукции ・ Mar 20, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

If you’re an avid follower of our blogs, you’ll know that we’re passionate about technologies (both current and old), pioneering, unique systems and remarkable, new methods of doing things. As we reach the end of quarter one for 2022, we look back on the last year and highlight some of the most exciting technologies of 2021. Here at Knight Optical, our fields of interest and connections with sectors are vast and diverse. As such, we’ve categorised one key project from last year into each key industry in which we operate. 1.The Laser Sector Only last month, we were waxing lyrical about the innovations emerging from the laser industry in our blog ‘What Optical Components Are Used for Lasers?’, which can be read here. For 2021, one of our top picks aligns with Laser Focus World’s in a scheme that proves size isn’t everything. As Laser Focus World explains .Read More


Laser Focus: What Optical Components Are Used for Lasers?

Выпуск продукции ・ Feb 15, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

As a specialist leading supplier of custom-made (and stock) high-precision optical components, Knight Optical’s customer base comprises a substantial directory of distinguished companies working on laser-based devices. The global optics provider investigates a few typical applications in this blog and explores recent pioneering projects that have made the news. There’s a wide variety of different optical components that are used in laser applications. Of course, as the case is with all our projects, every design differs, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to specifying optics for this leading field of photonics. For instance, while some of our components are incorporated as a physical element of a system, others are utilised as a part of a separate arrangement to manipulate a laser beam. Take our Laser Lenses, for example, which are designed to homogenise, shape, or focus beams, our Laser Mirrors, which are used for beam steering purposes


Surge of Demand for Optics for Automated UV Disinfection Sys

Последний проект ・ Jan 25, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

Knight Optical – the leading global supplier of custom-made optical components – has met a universal increased requirement for high-precision ultraviolet (UV) optical components for high-performing automated (and manual) UVC disinfection systems. Ultraviolet (UV) light – and, more specifically, UVC light between 200 and 280nm – has been used for germicidal irradiation for decades, primarily in laboratories, medical facilities, and water treatment. Since the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, became a worldwide pandemic and as each new variant brings fresh concerns, there has been an augmented demand to make this technology more accessible. Specifically for automated UVC disinfection systems, employment within public sector buildings – such as hospitals and other medical clinics – is rife. Often, manual cleaning alone in healthcare environments such as these is not enough to kill pathogens; therefore, UVC sterilisation ... read more


In the Spotlight: Calcium Fluoride Optics

Выпуск продукции ・ Jan 19, 2022 дополнительно Open In New icon

Here at Knight Optical, we've observed a peak in requirement for our custom-made Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Optical Components. To coincide with this proliferation, we're placing these in-demand optics under the spotlight. Here, we investigate the substrate's construction, explore the key features that make it such a sought-after preference and probe deeper into its typical uses. How is CaF2 Made? Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) is a crystalline element that is grown by using, what's known as, the Stockbarger technique, a temperature-operated process that is used to synthesise gemstones, such as crystals1. In the case of our Optics, either naturally-mined or chemically-prepared fluorite is employed to complete the growing process – which is, of course, contingent on the grade in question, which we’ll unearth further below. The Different Grades of CaF2 Our range is available in three grades and dependent on their end applications, they’re suitable for an extensive array of uses. ...


Waste Management & Recycling Throughout the World

Climate Change ・ Dec 2, 2021 дополнительно Open In New icon

Excessive waste is a universal issue that we’re all fighting to change. Economic growth and industrialisation have led to more waste being generated and carelessly disposed of over the years. So, with today’s heightened sense of awareness concerning waste disposal and more people pursuing ways to reduce rubbish, how are we tackling the challenge of waste management? In this blog, Knight Optical, the global supplier of on-spec, custom-made optical components, looks at several geographical statistics from some of the greatest culprits of waste production and explores the technologies they’re turning to, so, together, we can reduce our impact and create a more circular economy. Effective waste management is imperative for several reasons. Not only does it keep rubbish off the streets in our villages, towns, and cities – preventing disease-spreading vermin from running riot and, therefore, prohibiting viruses to infect humankind ....


COP26: Cultivating Technologies for Climate Change

climate change ・ Nov 13, 2021 дополнительно Open In New icon

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference – or as it's otherwise acknowledged 'COP26' – sent waves through the sphere in November. As world leaders gathered inside Glasgow's SEC for the 26th conference to formulate climate change antidotes, the world waited in anticipation for drip-fed updates on refined reformations and pragmatic pledges. In this blog, Knight Optical – the leading supplier of optical components for scientific applications and forward-thinking technologies – explores the crux of recent COP26 discussions and investigates some technologies that seek to alleviate concerns relating to the climate crisis. In recent times, individuals have taken to their keyboards to voice their worries regarding climate change. Moreover, legendary advocates, such as Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, and eco-activists such as Insulate Britain – part of Extinction Rebellion – have unremittingly articulated their qualms surrounding environmental issues for years.