Our greets You sincerely! «ITES» ltd company is a supplier and distributor of spare parts for tractors “BELARUS”.

We can supply spare parts for all «BELARUS » models and for other agriculture technique. We propose direct shipment from Belarus from our stock in Minsk. We organize fast delivery by sea, car, railway transport or by air transport.

We work on the market of tractor spare for already 26 years and do our best meet the expectations of our clients!
Even if You buy spare parts directly at MTZ plant or Minsk Motor plant, you may be interested in some positions that are not produced directly on that plants.
So we can complete any your order with other spare parts produced on the plants in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic.
And deliver to you by your preferable transport. The prices are always good and favorable!
Payment terms - as agreed with the Client: letter of credit and Bank guarantees.

We propose spare parts to tractor units and tractor systems:
engine, turbochargers, fuel equipment, hydraulic system (including pumps NSH, valves), control cables, electrical (including starters, generators), repair kits, bearings.

We will be grateful if you contact our company!

Office 303 Skoriny str. 14 220114 Minsk Republic of Belarus
Phone: (+375) 17 266-38-91 (95) (+375) 29 395-12-41
e-mail: ites.parts@yandex.by / Skype: ites_minsk
Web-site: techagrocom.com

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  • 51 – 100
    ЧиcленнoстЬ персонала

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  • Год создания 1994
  • Тип предприятия Тип предприятия Юридический адрес, Головная компания - Филиал
  • Основной бизнес Основной бизнес Оптовая продажа

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  • FOB Франко борт
Ответственность продавца Ответственность покупателя

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  • Простой вексель
  • Международный почтовый перевод
  • Аккредитив stand-by
  • Инкассовое поручение
  • Товарный аккредитив


Данная компания не предоставила эту информацию.

Cфера деятельности

Изображения, представленные компанией

  • Fuel pump Assembly 4????-1111010 (MTZ)
  • 240-1006015 and camshaft MTZ
  • 60-1205015-A2 muffler MTZ-80 long

Ключевые слова, связанные с компанией

  • Двигатели и детали к ним
  • Spare parts for the engine for tractors MTZ
  • Spare parts for fuel system for tractors MTZ
  • The hinged equipment
  • brake system and suspension for tractors MTZ
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