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Electrochemical corrosion by stray currents

Electrochemical corrosion ・ May 21, 2021

Underground metal structures located in the zone of influence of stray currents of DC electric rail transport are subject to electrochemical corrosion. The most powerful sources of stray currents in the ground are electrified DC railways - tram, metro. Therefore, in order to ensure reliable uninterrupted operation, newly constructed, reconstructed and operated underground railway structures in conditions of electrified DC sections must be reliably protected from corrosion by stray currents. Protection against corrosion by stray currents of underground structures of the electric depot can be carried out by using an all-in-one electrical insulating coupling (electrical insulating joint) When designing, in order to reduce electrical corrosion damage, it is necessary to provide for the installation of electrical insulating joint at the entrances to the depot territory of the most critical underground structures (gas pipelines, heating pipelines, water pipelines, communication cables, et