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  • Calisthenics CALISTREETNIA

    Calisthenics CALISTREETNIA

    Very robust Street Workout circuits, which are gaining popularity day by day. They offer opportunities for physical and mental training, fostering positive and healthy values among young athletes.

  • Thematic Playset - THE FORTRESS

    Thematic Playset - THE FORTRESS

    Ideal for emblematic urban projects, composed of high towers, spiral tube slides, open slides, bridges, climbing walls, spinners, nets, crawling tunnels, tunnels with skylights and fireman’s poles

  • MEDITERRANEUM Tribox Playset

    MEDITERRANEUM Tribox Playset

    Spectacular Tribox Mediterraneum multiset, AISI 316 stainless steel; it includes a large tower over 5m high, several spiral slides, bridges, walkways and climbinging and many imagination activities.



    Designed to maintain and improve not only the physical (joints motion, leg strength, balance, gait…) but also the mental well-being. Fully developed by a rehabilitation doctor and a physiotherapist.

  • SPOOKY series Playsets

    SPOOKY series Playsets

    Large-scale monsters that form multi-play structures, equiped with ramps, climbing frames, climbing walls, rope ladders, and nets, and are designed so children can have fun in a safety environment.

  • AGILITY Dog Park

    AGILITY Dog Park

    Educational and sporting activity consisting of a very wide range of obstacles (hurdles, walls, jumps, tires, tunnels…) whose placement on the terrain determines the degree of difficulty and speed.



    Equipment to improve flexibility, balance, breathing and endurance. They are highly robust, resistant to vandalism and weatherproof, made from galvanised steel and polyethylene panels and supports.

  • THE GALEON - Inclusive Playgrounds

    THE GALEON - Inclusive Playgrounds

    Inclusive Pirate ship with educational games, adapted for children with disabilities. The Integration Series enables all children to play together regardles of their abilities to play.

  • FIRE STATION PARK - Inclusive Playground

    FIRE STATION PARK - Inclusive Playground

    This fire station playset is composed of an inclusive ramp and a two tower playset that includes several adapted games (sandbox, tubophone, stainless steelslide, climbing, bridges, stairs…)

  • THE HARVERSTER - Early Stimulation

    THE HARVERSTER - Early Stimulation

    This beautiful harvester belongs to a line of products especially designed for younger children. They pretend, from early childhood, to stimulate and develop basic psychomotor skills and habilities.

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