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High performance anti-vibration rubber pad sound deadening - Bitalym Standard


Thickness, mm: 1.3-8.0 +/- 0.2 Weight, kg: 2.1-7.5 Color: Black Temperature of maintenance -40C - +120C Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than): 10 Coefficient of vibration absorption: 0.12-0.65 Density, kg/cubic: 1750 Composition: Sticky and plastic polymeric butyle-rubber composition (mastic) with special fill. Type of the glue layer: Additional glue layer (acryl or elastic) Sizes of the production: sheets – 240х420mm, 500х700mm, 500х800mm, 500х1000mm, rolls (may be issued in sizes according to customer). Description: The insulating (absorbing) material, which is used for the lowering of microvibrations of metal and plastic. It has an anticorrosive effect. It is used as the first layer of the processing of the body's car, cabs of specialty machines, bonnets, insulation panels, and transport facility bodies.