HiTech1 Antisqueaking Windows, Doors & Locks

Защищает механизмы от скрипа и коррозии


HiTech1 Antisqueaking Windows, Doors & Locks. HiTech1 is the comprehensive tool to remove dirt particles, to protect from corrosion, to lubricate, which used as a preventive measure for failure and a recovery solution of windows, doors, locking systems mechanisms produced of iron, plastic, wood, metal alloys and so on. HiTech1 nourishes rubber gaskets and other components, makes them elastic, eliminates squeaking, decreases wearing, prevents from jamming, gives the smoother running of the drive mechanisms.

Смазочные материалы промышленные
  • нанотехнологии
  • смазка от скрипа
  • смазка
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