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  • Colored T-Shirt knit

    Colored T-Shirt knit

    Colored T-Shirt wiping rags cut from reclaimed polo t-shirt material excellent for general maintenance and cleaning. Our lowest cost and most efficient cleaning rag. Available in 25lb or 10kg packs

  • White Thermal

    White Thermal

    Made from recycled thermal blankets and useful in similar applications as white knit but with coarser texture. Very absorbent, thicker than knit and great for applying chemicals and finishing liquids.

  • White Sheeting

    White Sheeting

    Made from recycled white sheeting. Excellent low lint material for use polishing, dusting and cleanup.

  • Knit Sheeting

    Knit Sheeting

    Reclaimed polyester knit sheeting, low lint and a low cost effective material that is highly absorbent and perfect for oil and grease cleanup.

  • Huck Towels

    Huck Towels

    Reused huck towels, worn and washed making the material softer and more absorbent than when new. Excellent low lint material allows for streak free cleaning perfect for high polish and glass surface

  • White Terry Towel

    White Terry Towel

    Recycled towels available in white or colored great for big cleanup jobs where a highly absorbent material is required. Popular with mechanical maintenance services.

  • Shop Towels

    Shop Towels

    Reclaimed and cleaned shop towels, popular with auto mechanic, car maintenance and cleaning services. Effective low cost product.

  • Colored cotton linen

    Colored cotton linen

    Commonly used in restaurant industry. A strongly woven material great for wiping and cleaning.

  • Linens


    Linens from table cloth covers and napkins. A great lint free material.



    Pure White Knit from reclaimed t-shirt material, soft and absorbent used for all applications for general maintenance and cleanup.

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