By choosing GrünWelt * house cleaning products, you contribute to the preservation of our common future and join those protecting our green planet. Use of natural and innovative components in GrünWelt products formulas means environmental, plant and animal care due to 100% biodegradability and lack of harmful ingredients. Moreover, the experience of German specialists who participated in the development of each products, allowed us to make GrünWelt products the perfect helpers to maintain cleanliness in our home, ruthless to pathogenic germs and dirt. 1)GrünWelt Phosphate-free universal washing gel, 1000 ml 2)GrünWelt Phosphate-free washing gel for color clothes, 2000 ml 3)GrünWelt Phosphate-free washing gel for black clothes, 1000 ml 4)GrünWelt Phosphate-free washing gel for white clothes, 1000 ml 5)GrünWelt Fabric conditioner «Vanilla and Bergamot», 1000 ml 6)GrünWelt Fabric conditioner «Edelweiss and Lemongrass», 1000 ml 7)GrünWelt Safe cleaner for floors and surfaces

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