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  • Glazing table PSK-01 (B)

    Glazing table PSK-01 (B)

    Offers good stability with pressure arms under the table's working surface ("through" type table) and solid design of base. Equipped with Bosch-Rexroth pneumatic equipment.

  • Table for installation of fittings SUO-01

    Table for installation of fittings SUO-01

    Robust table design ensures stability, with fittings measuring module, pneumatic pressure arms for leaves, screw placing unit and automatic screw feeder

  • Tilting work table SRU-02

    Tilting work table SRU-02

    With pneumatic mechanism for flipping items being transported from vertical to horizontal and roller conveyor ensures easy transport.

  • Roller table SRK-02

    Roller table SRK-02

    For moving and machining panes of glass, equipped with unidirectional rubber rollers and two longitudinal rollers for easy input of glass.

  • Rotary work table SRO-01

    Rotary work table SRO-01

    For installing gaskets, with telescopic arms padded with felt, with 360º table top rotation function.