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  • Flexible water tanks

    Flexible water tanks

    Fabrics are chosen based on the type of water you are looking to store, your surrounding area (temperatures and storage location), and the projected length of storage.

  • Liquid fertilizer tanks

    Liquid fertilizer tanks

    Our flexible bladder tanks can be tailor-made and the position of openings can be modified on request. Retention systems (pit or basin) can be proposed according to needs.

  • Fuel storage

    Fuel storage

    GidroBak offers a complete range of technical fabrics for the hydrocarbon storage depending on the uses : Plastomer-based (PVC) Alcryn-based (HAYN) Polyurethane-based (TPU)

  • Membrane Gas Holder

    Membrane Gas Holder

    Membrane gas holders are the most flexible, economical, reliable and efficient gas (biogas) storage solution available on the market.

  • Flexible transport tank

    Flexible transport tank

    Easy to install on a flat-bed or bucket trailer using the fixing harness, our flexible transport tanks mean you do not need to reserve or rent specially dedicated trucks.

  • Open flexible tank

    Open flexible tank

    Geometric shape "Onion Tank" allows them to be installed on all types of operational terrain. Compact, fully collapsible and lightweight, they can be transported from one site to another with ease.

  • Water Tank

    Water Tank

    They require no tools for assembly, reduce storage and shipping costs and take minutes to assemble.

  • Fish Farming Tank

    Fish Farming Tank

    Featuring an open top for fast and easy filling, these portable water tanks can be quickly set up, filled and easily torn down after use!

  •  Fishing Tanks

    Fishing Tanks

    It has long term durability of strength, flexibility, UV and chemical resistance.Usually all kind of breeds of fishes we can advice for our tanks.

  • Drinking water tanks

    Drinking water tanks

    The supply of drinking water is a strategic necessity that generally represents a significant investment. Our potable water tanks offer a flexible, equally-secure.

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