plastic material for manufacturing of complete upper- and lower jaw dentures


Indications for use: manufacturing of complete upper- and lower jaw dentures; manufacturing of partial dentures; Strong points: high accuracy shape reproduction; high ultimate flexural strength; optimal elasticity; beneficial cosmetic effect due to denture translucency and introduction of «streaks» that imitate the soft tissues of the oral cavity; good polishing ability; Application instructions: mix powder with liquid in 2:1 ratio; plastic modeling phase is about 20 minutes; carry out the polymerization process in a water bath in dental flasks, by bringing the water bath to boiling point gradually within 40-50 minutes; polymerization process takes 30 minutes; do not retrieve the denture from the flask until it is cooled down completely;

Стоматология - основная и сопутствующая продукция
  • prosthetic
  • dentistry plastics
  • Prosthetic dentistry plastics
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