Dry Disinfectant "MIKASAN"


The disinfectant of broad-spectrum action for the treatment of livestock buildings and poultry houses both in the absence and presence of animals and poultry. Possess antimicrobial activity against pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, fungi and fly larvae, eliminates the emission of harmful gases from the litter, binds extra moisture. Restores sanitary cleanliness and freshness of bedding and floors. Dosages and routes of administration to animals of different kinds and ages: - a low level of contamination - 50 g/m2. - with a high level of contamination - 100 g/m2. Treatment of livestock buildings is carried out daily for 2-5 days at the first application of MIKASAN and further once per 7 days. MIKASAN is safe for animals during pregnancy, lactation and egg production. MIKASAN is not used simultaneously with alkaline disinfectants, such as lime, soda ash, baking soda, caustic soda, etc.

Дезинфекционные средства немедицинские
  • dry disinfectant
  • disinfectant
  • dry pouder
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