DRUM GRAIN CLEANERS, productivity from 50 to 180 t / h.


The drum separator is a universal equipment for cleaning grain and seeds of any crops, which became possible due to the smooth change of the angle of inclination and rotation speed of the drum during the operation of the separator. When changing sieves, the grain cleaner can also act as a scalper (pre-cleaning) and a separator (primary and secondary cleaning). The infinitely variable speed of the product movement along the sieve and the reduced vibrations of the separator provide an easier and more accurate separation of the grain through the sieves during the cleaning process. Due to these flexible settings, the separator can handle very difficult crops to clean, and its use is multi-purpose. The possibility of using the grain cleaner as one machine for both scalping and cleaning leads to a decrease in the number of types of cleaning equipment used and ease of maintenance.

Сельскохозяйственные системы и оборудование
  • drum grain cleaners
  • сепаратор зерна
  • grain cleaners
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