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  • ChocoWriters


    ChocoWriters are plastic tubes filled with at least 31 gram of delicious chocolate and vanilla filling. They give beautiful results and are easy to use.

  • Glamour text

    Glamour text

    Tubes with a spakled gel used for writing and fine sparkled decorations, availabel in multiple colors. Very nice gold and silver color for jewels, treasure boxes and buttons.

  • Food colorings

    Food colorings

    The colorings are packed in 10 ml dropper bottles. We can private label the colorings with your name and address on the label.

  • Fondant Glaze

    Fondant Glaze

    Fondant glaze is nice to use as a coating on patisserie, cupcakes, donuts, petit fours and cake pops. You can also use the fondant for writing and fine decoration.

  • Glamour Glaze

    Glamour Glaze

    The glaze is used to give shine and sparkle to (roll)fondant, bavarois, cakes, donuts and more, and to protect layers of fruit. The glaze can also be used as a filling to replace jam / marmalade.

  • Edible Glue

    Edible Glue

    Edible glue based on glucose syrup for maximum stickness. The glue is packed in a 65 gram bottle with a easy dropper cap.

  • Ganaches


    With one tube of ganache you can make approximately 14 to 16 chocolates. The ganache is also very suitable as filling for macarons or cookies.

  • Edible Metallic Paint

    Edible Metallic Paint

    For painting metallic colors on sugar paste and more. Available: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Yellow, White.