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[Who we are? ] Our company-manufacturer of OOO "Decor" is based on the Bolekhovsky factory - woodworking factory with nearly centenary history. We have begun to operate since 2000, having chosen a direction of a full cycle of manufacture of plywood products and peeled veneer. [Goal] Today the success of our company largely depends on the proper task - to find a design solution for our customers, using parts from bent plywood in their product. [Products] Company "DECOR" offers a wide range of semi-finished products from bent plywood for manufacturers of residential, commercial (in particular, for educational institutions) and hotel furniture. We also offer rotary cut veneer and bed slats. [Team, Technologies] For the realisation of effective industrial processes we have picked up command of the real professionals: enthusiasts, admirers of the business. For us, innovation, continuous improvement of work processes, and product quality play an important role. [Business Ethics] It is important for the DECOR company to create partnerships with customers and further increase the level of trust with existing partners. We always put the client’s interest above all else and carry out the planned tasks of even the most ambitious projects.

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