Cryosauna CrioSpace 2К

Whole-body cryotherapy


Air two-chamber cryosauna CryoSpace 2K is a modern high-tech medical cryogenic complex for general air cryotherapy without use of liquid nitrogen. It includes a chamber and a pre-chamber for cryoprocedures, a three-stage refrigeration machine, power and control cabinets and an external condenser. The unit operates using a 3-stage refrigeration machine that cools ordinary atmospheric air to -120°C and transfers it inside the cryosauna in the form of a vertically downward laminar flow. The temperature in the pre-chamber is -60°С The temperature in the main chamber is -110°C Fields of application: rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, sports medicine, dermatology and cosmetology. Indications for use: primary prevention of diseases, including psychological rehabilitation; secondary prevention - treatment of diseases; increased endurance and performance in sports.

Сауны - оборудование
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