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Cheap price high performance sound deadening car - Violon Beta


Thickness, mm: 5.0-10.0 Color: Black Temperature of maintenance -30 - +120C Adhesion, N/cm (Not less than): 6 Acoustic absorptivity coefficient 0.20-0.85 Density, kg/cubic: 33 Composition: The elastic polyurethane with bituminous-polymeric impregnation. Type of the glue layer: Acryl or elastic. Sizes of the production: Sheets – 500х1000mm, 750х1000mm, 1000х1500mm (may be issued in sizes according to customer). Description: The absorption and anti-creak material. It has sticky and plastic properties and retains its shape. It is used as a second layer of the processing of the car's doors (bordering from the cabin) and in the cabs of specialty machines. It may be used as an anti-creak and packing material. In this case it may be used for the acoustic treatment of the internal part of the interior bordering of the car and plastic airways. It is long lived and does not deteriorate when exposed to air.